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Make your wedding dance memorable
















Your first dance as a married couple is one of the spotlights of your wedding reception. It’s an opportunity to show your love for each other and your personality as a couple through dance.  

We would love to help you make your wedding dance a moment to be treasured forever – and take that stress out of your wedding planning. 

Our initial three-lesson program will give you the confidence to showcase your newly-learned dance skills to your favorite song. Your friends and family will be amazed.

Whether your preferred dance is a traditional waltz, a hot Latin cha cha or even a mashup of several dances, we’ll help you decide between a choreographed (planned) routine or a spontaneous dance where you utilize the patterns you learned.

Call us at 704.591.0918 to book your wedding dance lessons.

               3 private lessons - 45 minutes each

                            $98 per couple
                          Include members of your wedding party for only $20 per person.


Matthews NC 28105

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